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If on mobile or tablet please use MetaMask's browser or pay by card to mint.

Early Supporters can mint Gen-1 NFTs at a price of 0.25 ETH.

Mint proceeds and 7.5% secondary sales royalty fee will be used to fund the Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, asteroid threat detection and additional CSA member flights to space.

Announcements on these projects to follow in the coming weeks.


Welcome aboard

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NFT Timeline


We’re initially dropping 5,555 Gen 1 premium membership NFTs, which will give priority access to space flight opportunities, events, merchandise and exclusive whitelist access to future CSA NFT drops


Your box will be transformed.

April 30th

3 CSA members will be selected for Blue Origin Space travel vetting.

APril 30th

The first Cryptonaut will be selected for their mission to Space and receive their CSA NFT Mission Patch.

June 4th

Lift Off